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Black Queen

Ghost Pawn

The end is near


master or beginner, good fun for all
- dual view simulator (to try things)
- dual view archives (to see how they got there)
- paying members can play with non-paying guests

- can relieve beginner frustration
- "the fog is a great equalizer"
- fun and easy to start for beginners
- not just for complicated chess masters
- often feels like battleship, but moves like chess pieces

experienced players
- can relieve grandmaster boredom
- improves my regular game
- uncertainty without randomness
- disadvantages predictable, mechanical standard openings
- eliminates mechanical games (no playing on "autopilot")
- surprising reversals can happen to unwary players
- gotta start thinking about your game
- some games have a life of their own
- the king is a truly more central and powerful piece (scout)

- AI interface
- a few elementals developed (examples w/source)
- deterministic (there is NO randomness)
- partial information (mutually exclusive possibilities = need to scout)

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